Website Design & Development

Linda Štucbartová launched Diversio in 2018. The purpose of Diversio is to foster transformational projects by linking people across corporations and academia.

The website is built using WordPress. The theme uses a responsive framework and is customized to fit Diversio’s brand and message.

Client: Linda Štucbartová
Launch Date: June 2018

Need a website? Diana will make it happen. I have had my company for two years but always heard the fact of getting a website. I am neither a technical nor detailed oriented person. Then my new project was launched and I desperately needed the web. Thanks to a reference, I got in touch with Diana. The schedule was tight (days, not weeks), I did not have time to meet personally and I was working from three countries on two continent. But she did it and the result is just remarkable. I have received more than 100 comments within 24 hours. The best thing is that my close friends mentioned how the website truly corresponds with what I do and who I am. Diana can make miracles happen easily. Many thanks for that.
Linda Štucbartová
Linda Štucbartová
Founder, Diversio